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    Stump Grinding / Removal

    Do you have a stump that needs to be ground or removed? Did you know that not taking care of this quickly can spread critters from that stump to the other plants and trees in your yard?

    This can be harmful to those healthy trees and even potentially harm your home. It’s important for the sake of your yard and the protection of your home to get this done immediately.

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      Take care of stumps and your yard with Coast to Coast Tree Service

      Generally speaking, stump grinding is the better option for residential and commercial stump removers. It’s faster, cheaper, and less damaging to the surrounding yard than complete removal. However, stump removal has its own benefits, including the fact that it gets the whole tree and roots out in one fell swoop, thereby clearing space for new plantings.

      If you want a stump ground down or removed from your yard, or advice on which would be best for your purposes, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Coast to Coast Tree Service! We’ll be happy to assess your situation and give you only the best advice and service. Happy stumping!



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